testWe hope you are as excited as we are for the Fan.Tastic Females exhibition, launching soon in September 2018.

The final phase has begun and we need your help one last time!

Crowdfunding is on!
Finally, we can proudly present our kickstarter campaign, online as off today. As you can imagine, every single person and every little Euro helps to pay the editors and graphic designers some allowance for their great work, fund the last panels and cover costs for the launch event. With your help, we can avoid stumbling on the last meters. And you can get some exclusive rewards for your support!

How can I help?
Please share the link to the kickstarter campaign with your families, your friends, activists, your fan clubs, ultra groups, and social media channels. Tell them why you’d like them to support the exhibition and why it’s a good cause.

When will I be needed?
The crowdfunding is online from now on and will run for 30 days. It would be great if you could start spreading it immediately and do so again every now and then. On social media we are subject to a certain algorithm that might make posts disappear for others, and a reminder for those who already know is always good. Time’s running!

What is crowdfunding, what is kickstarter.com?
Crowdfunding means the public gathering of money for a certain goal. It’s basically a fundraiser without the fancy parties, and it is usually done via the internet. Kickstarter.com is an international provider for crowdfunding campaigns. You set up an account, describe your project the best you can, and decide on an amount of money you would like to raise in a set time. If you succeed in gathering that much money, you get the whole sum. If you fail by only one cent, you receive nothing and all previous donations are redistributed to the donators.
Therefore you can understand why we are so eager to bang the drums.

If you have any questions about the campaign or the project in general, please do not hesitate to contact the project coordination team.

Thanks your help and your interest in the project.

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